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FREELANCE WRITER & CONTENT CREATOR If you are a business and are in need of a freelancer to write and produce content for your website, whether it be your blog or even your social channels, I’d love to hear from you! My CV and examples of my published work can be provided upon request.

COLLABORATIONS If you are a business and would like to collaborate with me there are many different ways we can work together. Whether it be sponsored posts, product reviews, hosting giveaways and competitions, providing social media coverage, I would love to hear your ideas. My media pack can be provided upon request.

Some of the brands I have worked with include:

Organix Foods   Tommee Tippee    Outfit Kids   Learning Resources   Babymoov   Toddlekind   Bundlee   Co-op   Nosiboo   Farm Foods  Twistshake

Bemama  Avanchy  Matchstick Monkey   Kit & Kin

 Alex & Alexa   Bakerdays

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