Mums That Meet: What? Why? And When?


When I started documenting life as a young, first time mum on Instagram and here on my blog, I never imagined it would lead to as many opportunities as it has so far. It was just going to be a hobby for me to write down my experiences and feelings, and I always thought if I could inspire and help other mums going through similar things, that would be a bonus. A year and a half later, and still a hobby, but now my work too, I’m so excited to share that I’m about to embark on a new venture.

Do you ever feel like the people you have met online show you more support than people you actually know in real life? Me too. It’s amazing that an app like Instagram can create meaningful relationships with people that you actually feel like you’ve known for years. One of those people for me is Cilla. Cilla and I clicked from the get go and to keep it short, we both quickly found out that we had the same vision for our next move, and that’s how Mums That Meet was created.

Mums That Meet is a London based event for mums want to meet other mums, spark up a conversation and listen to real, honest talk from mums on a panel. The biggest thing I have gained from Instagram and blogging is the confidence to actually do this. Without that app, I know I wouldn’t have even thought to do something like this.

I hope through our launch and events to come in the future, mums just like me and Cilla will really benefit from having an event they can look forward to, to connect and make friends with likeminded people.


Instagram has led to many great opportunities to work with brands and after I ran a giveaway with Sudocrem a few months back, I am delighted to have them as our first confirmed sponsor for our event.

Established in 1931, Sudocrem is loved by generations. It’s always in my bag and works like magic on many skin conditions from nappy rash to spots on adults, and for many is regarded as the “Swiss Army Knife of Skincare”.

thumbnail_Sudocrem MLS Render V1

In December last year Sudocrem launched My Little Sudocrem which is for everyone not just little ones, it’s great for adults on the go, handy for the gym and even taking on holiday (works really well on sunburn).

Each of our guests at our launch will find one of My Little Sudocrem in their goodie bag to go home with and we are so excited to have their support for our very first event.

Make sure you stay tuned for more announcements on who else will be sponsoring us and what treats you will find in your goodie bag on the day.

Why Mums That Meet is important – Cilla’s story

Mums That Meet will be hosted by myself and Cilla and I thought it would be good to share the notion behind Cilla’s drive to create the event.

Being a fairly young mum meant that when I had the twins none of my immediate circle of friends had children bar one whose child is quite a couple years older than the twins so it felt like I had no one to talk to or relate too about being pregnant and then being a new mum.


It wasn’t until the twins were about 8 weeks old that I went to a baby group and met some mums in a similar position to me, which was really refreshing as it felt like we were going through it all together and had someone to talk to who gets it. When the twins were around 7/8 months I started to be more active on my Instagram and talk more about being a mum and was introduced to this whole community of mums.

I couldn’t believe this whole time there was so many women going through the exact same thing as me (even with twins!) on this platform and I didn’t know. The first year was really testing mentally for me as it was such a dramatic change to how I was living before I got pregnant.

I went with the motions a lot and didn’t really feel like myself. Now I have been introduced to this mum community on Instagram, I have found out what I went through is really common for mums and I wish I knew this earlier as I may not have been so hard on myself.

This is the reason Mums That Meet means so much to me, I want to be able to reach out to other mums and help them to understand that when you feel like you’re the only one going through something you’re not, there is a whole army of us out here who are willing to help each other get through the hard times and celebrate the good times.


It is also essential to me that Mums That Meet is inclusive, I know that there can be scenarios where mums are made to feel inadequate because of certain decisions they decide to make for their family or because they do not fit a certain criteria. But I want every type of mum from single to married, working to stay at home etc to attend as we can all benefit from each other one way or another. I want it to be that whenever you attend a Mums That Meet event you always leave with a new mum friend.

If you are free on March 30th we’d love to see you at the launch- get your tickets here.

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